Pallets and forklift truck in warehouse

If you’re running a busy pallet warehouse or distribution centre, then Vero will improve productivity, safety and profitability.

The integrated suite of advanced Vero products is designed to help you track key assets, including pallets, products and RTIs, monitor the safety of warehouse staff, and report and analyse critical data so that you can boost the productivity of your warehouse or logistics operation.  Vero Solutions can also help you automate data gathering, so that you can reduce the resources needed to manage your warehouse.

Key benefits that Vero delivers include:

Learn how Vero Solutions increase efficiency by offering faster, more accurate identification, data collection and analysis tools.

Learn how Vero Solutions boost profitability by maximising the efficiency of every driver, to improve pallet throughput and open up new scheduling possibilities.

Learn how Vero Solutions reduce costs by increasing the efficiency of your largest budget expenses – trucks and their drivers.

Learn how Vero Solutions offer full visibility of all activity to evaluate performance and identify where further productivity gains can be made.

Learn how Vero Solutions encourage safety and swiftly resolve accident investigations by tracking and recording the exact movement of each truck in your warehouse.