Forklift truck picking up pallets in warehouse


Better warehouse information & data

To make further productivity gains in an already efficient warehouse, it is essential that you can see and fully understand what’s happening within it.

Your existing WMS will provide data snapshots of activity when pallets are picked up and put down and you’ll be able to see, for example, how many pallets each driver moves in a day.

Tracking-FrameThis is all good information and data, but does it tell the full story?

VeroTrack look at the warehouse in a different, more comprehensive way. Rather than providing a series of snapshots, they give you the Director’s Cut version of events.

VeroTrack focuses on the movement of trucks and drivers and, if they’re carrying a pallet, the pallet too.  This gives you full visibility of all activity – and just as importantly, lack of activity – within the warehouse.

Want to cut accidents and disputes?