Pallets and Forklift Truck in warehouse

How to improve warehouse efficiency

After years of barcode-based systems, continuous improvement methods and homegrown spreadsheets, can there be another way to reduce costs or increase productivity?

Vero offers faster, more accurate AIDC (Automatic Identification and Data Capture) and delivers new metrics by which to analyse and improve warehouse performance. We automate manual processes and provide data that is simply unavailable from traditional warehouse management systems. In essence Vero increases efficiency via automation and accountability.

Efficiency in Automation

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Automation of the following activities enables greater emphasis on other tasks:

Data Collection (scanning pallets and locations)
Looking for lost or misplaced pallets
Cycle counting
Stock taking
Point of despatch checking


Efficiency in Accountability

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Greater visibility and accountability of the following delivers softer efficiency gains:

Truck monitoring
Driver monitoring
Reduced damage
Resolution of accidents
Health & safety – e.g. restricted speed areas
New KPIs to drive improvement


The real-time monitoring provided through Vero allows you to measure previously unavailable data. From there you can then analyse and improve what you have measured.

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