Warehouse forklift tracking - safety in warehouse


Increase warehouse safety & accountability

Vero Solutions increase safety and protect your staff and reputation.

Safety is a key operational requirement in every warehouse and has to be planned in from the outset.  One of the critical issues is protecting staff and visitors from contact with moving vehicles, and from preventing vehicles from colliding while they are maneuvering.

Most truck safety systems use proximity sensors.  These are effective but often cause false alarms; for example, where a member of staff is close to a truck but protected by a safety barrier.  When false alarms become the norm they are often ignored; think of car alarms for example – they are generally ignored because they are triggered by accident.

By comparison, Vero solutions use location aware safety alerts, which take into account the location of fixed warehouse equipment.  As a result, when VeroSafe triggers warning lights or an audible alert, staff know that it’s a real alarm.

This functionality is combined with real time monitoring and data capture.  It therefore becomes possible to prevent accidents, provide the data to reduce incidents and near misses still further and enhance longer term warehouse and site planning.

How safe are warehouses? According to the statistics, there is much room for improvement. In the UK alone for example, approximately six people die each year because of MHE (Materials Handling Equipment) collisions. Find out why warehouse accidents happen and what you can do to improve warehouse safety by clicking here.