VeroCapture- warehouse automation

Automate your warehouse and save time

An efficient warehouse runs to a well defined schedule, defined partly by pallet throughput.

Anything that can be done to improve pallet throughput will increase scheduling possibilities and add to overall profitability. Probably the most important factor of this is your drivers’ time. You want them to be moving and stacking as many pallets as possible, as efficiently as possible.

There are however, various things that impact on your drivers’ time:

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This means fewer drivers can move the same number of pallets in the same time. Or the same number of drivers can move more pallets in the same time.

Vero automatically reads pallet labels as each truck approaches, removing the need to scan pallets manually.

Vero also knows the location of each truck to within a few centimetres, so there’s no need to scan the location.

Vero also eliminates the problem of lost pallets by determining the position of each truck and the height to which it’s reaching. This means that there is no need for the driver to scan a location marker and therefore no possibility that he will scan the wrong one at the bottom of the racking.


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