Your goals are to improve warehouse operations, reduce warehouse costs and increase warehouse efficiency. Your forklift truck drivers are key to making this happen and one of the biggest challenges that you’ll face is increasing forklift productivity.

Maintaining motivation and ensuring that warehouse throughput targets are met are vital but what’s the best approach? Do you trust your drivers to manage themselves when it comes to moving assets and making judgement calls of how best to navigate around the floor? Or, do you implement a system that provides Sat-Nav type instructions, palette and forklift tracking in real-time and tangible reports on the data?

Some might think of such a system as a bit too ‘big brother’ in nature: controlling, tracking and reporting the movements of drivers and palettes and removing the need for constant conscious decision-making. However, a more persuasive case is that in the era of big data, such systems cut through the noise and provide the data that really matters to your business. They enable warehouse managers to better plan, plot and pick their stock and stacking as well as creating a safer, more productive environment for your drivers.

We estimate that utilising such a system can increase efficiency in warehouses by around 10%. Keeping your drivers happy and motivated goes a long way to achieving this.