Continuous improvement is the key to the success of your warehouse or logistics operation

Managing a busy warehouse can be a tough challenge. The secret is planning and controlling the effective movement of goods, trucks and people, safely and efficiently to maximise warehouse productivity and profitability.

This is where Vero warehouse productivity solutions can help. With its dedicated product modules, Vero gives you new tools to meet your warehouse challenges and achieve the next set of gains.

Here’s how:

Track location, moves & assets

What does this mean?
An incomplete picture that is not real time means you’re missing opportunities to improve

Warehouse Safety

What does this mean?
Accidents and disputes are costly, but so is monitoring employees all day long

Data Collection / Scanning Effort

What does this mean?
Scanning pallets and locations is a manual and time consuming process for your drivers

The Cost of Incorrect Data

What does this mean?
Manual data entry leads to errors. Errors lead to lost pallets, mis-picks and late departures

The Cost of Accuracy

What does this mean?
Operational overheads are increased to ensure your stock accuracy remains above 98%

Operational Shortcuts

What does this mean?
Daily pressures result in staff taking shortcuts leaving a negative long term effect

Many of the problems of effective warehouse operation are caused by reliance on the accuracy of your data entry, which in turn is in the hands of your MHE drivers.

Vero automates the data collection process, providing accurate data and saving time in the entire process of pallet movement and control.

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