Harland Simon, a leading provider of location tracking solutions, has announced its partnership with PervasID, an award-winning Cambridge-based technology company, to bring new RFiD reader technology to the market. The co-operation involves the supply of PervasID’s new Space Ranger 9200 RFID reader. This cutting-edge reader complements Harland Simon’s RFID tracking solutions offered under its RFiD Discovery and Vero Solutions brands.

RFiD Discovery provides tracking solutions to the healthcare sector whilst Vero Solutions is used by a growing number of businesses around the world to locate assets and manage inventory. The SpaceRanger™ 9200 is a patented near-100% detection passive RFID ceiling tile reader which delivers a wide-area, real-time inventory monitoring solution at a radically reduced cost. PervasID’s reader is fully integrated with Harland Simon’s software to enable organisations to track inventory and assets accurately, in real-time, using low-cost passive RFID labels.


Dr Sabesan Sithamparanathan, CEO of PervasID said:

“We are very excited about working with the UK experts for RFID tracking. Harland Simon has vast experience of RFID system integration and a demonstrable track record of delivering cost-effective solutions. We are confident that the PervasID range of UHF readers will help deliver further cost savings and create additional efficiency improvements.”

The new reader technology is currently being trialled at NHS Forth Valley and Cambridge University Hospital. It is set to play a vital role in helping NHS Trusts who are implementing GS1 labelling as part of their Scan4Safety initiative to capitalise on the benefits of incorporating passive RFID into their new GS1-compliant asset, inventory, location and other labels.

Tim Young, Director of Vero Solutions, Harland Simon, commented:

“We are delighted about the possibilities this pioneering new reader brings to our solutions. It will be particularly suited to tracking any assets, products and workflow in manufacturing, industrial and commercial environments.”

Andy James, Director of Commercial Operations – Healthcare for Harland Simon, added:

“In the healthcare environment this new breed of passive UHF reader will lend itself particularly well to tracking medical devices, medical records and patient flow. As part of our continuous system developments we are always on the look-out for new RFID hardware technology and this one stood out by a mile for unrivalled speed and accuracy at an affordable price.”