A new initiative from the Fork Lift Truck Association (FLTA) is a clear sign that they are as committed to driving down forklift truck-related accidents and near-misses as we are.

Free, online and easy to access, the Safer Site Programme is the perfect go-to safety and best practise guide for anyone involved in and around the operation of a forklift truck.

Rather than just offering a static list of safety tips, the ongoing addition of a monthly module or step with new ‘to-do’ initiatives will keep people coming back to the programme as they continue to build their safety awareness level. This is supplemented by advice, guidance and links to useful resources, all of which have been developed and compiled in collaboration with those that know workplace hazards first-hand – the forklift truck operators themselves.

The Vero suite of solutions from Harland Simon develops and implements new warehouse and logistical solutions, and the protection of people on the move is a key part of this strategy.

That’s why, for those operating a warehouse or factory, we recommend VeroSafe; an extremely accurate and effective method of tracking pedestrians and MHE, whether they are indoors or outdoors. Using Wi-Fi technology to accurately pinpoint a moving person and collect data on the speed and direction of their movements, VeroSafe really can play its part in reducing the estimated 8,000 forklift collisions that are reported every year.

And all the better if it’s used in conjunction with the Safer Site Programme. By combining the innovative technology of VeroSafe with ongoing online guidance, the outcome can only be safer and more mindful forklift truck operators.

Do you have an impeccable safety record in your warehouse? How many near misses are you aware of – or ask yourself – how many are you in the dark about? Warehouse accidents are common yet avoidable. Find out how you can improve safety in yours by reading our latest article.