Vero Solutions has launched a new RFID trolley tracking system to improve the management of luggage and shopping trolleys in travel and retail environments. Providing trolleys in the right place at the right time can significantly enhance customer experience, so more and more retailers, airports and other travel organisations are looking for solutions to support the timely provision of trolleys.

A pilot installation is already in operation at Heathrow airport, supplying valuable data to improve the management of luggage trolleys.

How does trolley tracking work?

Each trolley is fitted with a passive RFID tag, discretely placed so that it is protected from trolley contents and users remain unaware of it. The tags do not have batteries and do not need to be maintained. RFID antennas are installed at trolley collection points and other areas where they tend to be left as well as significant gateways such as entrance doors. This supports the efficient management of trolleys by monitoring the build-up, dispersal, and flow of trolleys around the retail area or airport to provide a live view of trolley availability and real-time alerts of trolley shortages.

By highlighting areas where trolleys are left, it supports efficient retrieval or redistribution. But the system can also deliver valuable data about customer movements by recording the total time spent in-store or in a particular area, for example queuing at the till.

In addition, individually identifying trolleys enables organisations to build a history of utilisation including the number of trips or approximate distance travelled and detect any under or over usage of particular carts. It also helps determine whether there are too many trolleys and if the pool size can be reduced.

Tim Young, Director of Vero Solutions comments:

“I am very excited to see the launch of our new trolley tracking system. We have developed and fine-tuned this solution in response to the continued interest we have had from airports and other organisations and we are already talking to a number of retailers who are evaluating the benefits of tracking shopping trolleys.”