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The Vero suite of solutions delivers a real and lasting value to your operation by tracking the movements of key assets including MHE, pallets, products and RTIs and monitoring the location and safety of staff.

Vero puts you in control of efficiency by providing you with the data and tools to analyse operations minute by minute, and to develop an effective strategy to improve productivity, safety and profitability. Using a range of latest tracking technologies Vero systems are totally flexible to suit your requirements.


  • Complete traceability of people, assets, MHE and processes
  • Protects people, systems and reputation with comprehensive location aware safety system
  • Boosts efficiency, productivity and accuracy with automated data collection
  • Total business management with integrated solutions with WMS and other business systems

^0C60E5447CD1A973EE75163F7EBF401549749A453D80522D06^pimgpsh_thumbnail_win_distrAn integrated solution to track assets, people, materials handling equipment or inventory for improved efficiency and traceability.

^6CCE3A66CC5A896AA0255DF785256BD2E255D93C562F68095A^pimgpsh_thumbnail_win_distrA comprehensive location aware safety system to protect your people, assets and reputation.

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