Track your equipment

Keeping track of or identifying high-value moveable equipment can be a challenge in many manufacturing, logistics and other commercial environments. Knowing exactly where your assets are can save time when trying to locate them for use, testing or maintenance. This is true for any type of mobile asset including tools, test equipment, safety devices, computers as well as end products of your manufacturing process.


  • Maximise the use of your available assets
  • Promotes staff accountability
  • Enables inventories to be performed in minutes rather than days
  • Identifies shortages or surplus of equipment for better management
  • Identifies individual items even when they are off-site

Warehouse safety - Proximity sensors

Managing your equipment

Manually keeping track of assets can be time consuming and error prone. Using the latest RFID location technology provides a cost effective way to automatically track and detect high-value assets around your site and even identify items off-site.

How Vero tracks equipment

  • Depending on the application, VeroTrack uses either active or passive RFID technology to identify each asset. Each item is fitted with an RFID tag and can be identified and tracked with either a handheld or fixed reader which picks up its unique identification number. Readers at exit routes can be integrated with other systems, for example, to alert staff when an unauthorised attempt is made to remove tagged equipment from site.
  • The system promotes accountability by allowing you to log responsibility for particular assets againstspecific departments, employees or contractors. VeroTrack is also ideal for tracking reusable transport items.

Potential saving you can achieve

In most cases because of the reduction in lost or stolen assets and the amount of time saved looking for them, automatic equipment tracking with VeroTrack provides a very quick return on investment.


A major NHS Trust uses RFID to track the location of 7,500 mobile medical devices around their hospital site. Since introducing this technology, the Trust has experienced a host of different benefits. These include increased utilisation levels of equipment by over 60%, substantial capital savings (£175K for just one type of device) as well as reduced inventory checking times (from auditing a hospital ward in 90 minutes to 4 minutes).