Vero provides the critical interface that connects your warehouse data systems with high level corporate ERP and business management systems, simply, efficiently and reliably.

Vero has been developed to work with all leading WMS and ERP systems, including SAP, Red Prairie, Manhattan Associates, Microsoft Dynamics and Oracle. Vero can also be interfaced with in-house and proprietary business management systems.

Why link your warehouse data and ERP systems?

Connecting your warehouse data collection technology with higher level corporate-wide WMS and ERP systems provides detailed historical and real time information that can be used for strategic and tactical planning.

The result is improved business efficiency, better utilisation of critical assets, greater operational safety and the protection of your business reputation.

The Vero system

Vero is the next step in analytics and automation and is designed to enhance existing systems, not replace them. Vero provides the critical interface between new and existing shop floor data and existing WMS and ERP systems.

Vero also provides a range of other features. For example, where processes on the shop floor are still manual and in need of improvement or modernisation, Vero offers a dynamic user interface that makes its most advanced features available to each of your warehouse operatives. This can include the ability to show operators whether or not they are dropping a load in the correct location, bay or outbound truck, or directions to reach a specific location by the safest and most direct route.

Our team has many years experience in the warehouse, logistics and IT sectors, giving you the knowledge, skills and resources to build customised systems that meet your exact needs and business rules.

The benefits of Vero

  • Powerful, cost-effective interface technologies
  • Designed for all common WMS and ERP systems
  • Custom design options for proprietary systems

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