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^6CCE3A66CC5A896AA0255DF785256BD2E255D93C562F68095A^pimgpsh_thumbnail_win_distrHow safe are warehouses, logistics and manufacturing environments? According to statistics, in the UK alone approximately six people die each year because of MHE collisions with an estimated 8,000 reported injuries. In the US, an estimated 85 people lose their lives every year due to forklift trucks.


  • Increased staff safety
  • Safeguards your company’s reputation
  • Staff feel safer
  • Avoids false alarms

Improve Warehouse Safety

Most forklift truck safety systems use proximity sensors.  These are effective but often cause false alarms; for example, where a member of staff is close to a truck but protected by a safety barrier.  When false alarms become the norm they are often ignored. By comparison, VeroSafe uses location aware safety alerts, which take into account the location of fixed warehouse equipment. As a result, when VeroSafe triggers warning lights or an audible alert, staff know that it’s a real alarm.

This functionality is combined with real time monitoring and data capture.  It therefore becomes possible to prevent accidents, provide the data to reduce incidents and near misses still further and enhance longer term warehouse and site planning.

Forklift Truck in Warehouse


Modern warehouse with forklifts

Reduce MHE risk

VeroSafe can help reduce the risk of working with and near MHE such as forklift trucks, cranes and straddle carriers in ports, airports and other outdoor logistics environments.

Intelligent location aware systems can detect the position of MHE and pedestrians to trigger an alarm when they are at risk of collision.


Protect Lone Workers

VeroSafe can provide wireless tracking of staff who are in danger of work related injuries or attack to help manage efficient emergency responses. Workers wear a pocket-size transmitter for real-time positioning which identifies the name and the location of the person in need. Two emergency call buttons enable the worker to manually raise an alert.

In addition, if required the transmitter can include a fall detection capability, that automatically triggers an alert should the protected worker become unconscious. Additional features include an onboard tilt switch or a pull-cord which automatically raise an alert should the wearer have fallen or if the unit has been grabbed by force.

Safety in Warehouse


In the US, there is one fatality every four days due to a forklift truck. That’s on top of the thousands of people that suffer major injuries due to MHE in warehouse and logistics environments. Shocking? Yes. Avoidable? Again, yes. How? Read our article on warehouse forklift truck safety to find out more.

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