Track and Trace

^0C60E5447CD1A973EE75163F7EBF401549749A453D80522D06^pimgpsh_thumbnail_win_distrVeroTrack offers an integrated solution to track assets, people, materials handling equipment or inventory using a choice of RFID, optical or Wi-Fi technologies.



  • Increased efficiency
  • Time saving
  • Reduced costs
  • Detailed data for analysis and reporting
  • Improved safety and accountability

Asset Tracking

To identify whether an asset, person or MHE has entered or exited a particular defined area, like a building, a specific department or outside area, can be achieved using Vero’s Asset Tracking solution.

Keeping track of or identifying assets can be a challenge in many manufacturing, logistics and other commercial environments. Knowing exactly where your assets are can save time when trying to locate them for use, testing or maintenance. This is true for any type of mobile asset including returnable transport items, tools, test equipment, safety devices, laptops as well as end products of your manufacturing process. The inability to locate critical parts, tools or personnel can shut down an entire production line or hold up a process, leading to unnecessary costs and delay.

RTI Management

Modern warehouse with forklifts

Real-time location tracking

Where position information of people, trucks, RTIs or inventory is required continually, Vero uses a Real Time Location System (RTLS) to track key assets, and report and analyse critical data to boost productivity.

Vero detects and records the 3D location of assets and people in real time enabling the use of this information to provide intelligent safety warnings, monitor workflows and increase efficiency.


How does Track & Trace work?

The use of tracking technology depends on how accurately locations need to be determined and whether information is required in real time.

For Asset Tracking applications where approximate location information (i.e. which room, which department) is sufficient, a passive RFID tag is fitted to each asset. Fixed readers are then placed at the entrance to each zone or area, for instance in a door way. The readers then identify the tag as it passes through the doorway and the location is updated in a central database.

For Real Time Location of assets, for example forklift trucks in a warehouse, an active RFID tag or optical device is used. This broadcasts a signal and using sophisticated software calculates the actual position of that asset in real time.

A web based application enables the user to interrogate a central database to identify the last known location of an asset or generate a history showing where an asset has been over a specific time period.

If the desired solution is to track the real time location of inventory or other items moved by MHE a combination of both technologies provides a seamless and cost effective option. This works by tracking the real time location where the forklift picks up an item and drops it off, then uses a passive RFID tag to identify exactly what is being moved.

VeroTrack can be interfaced with other business systems such as your Warehouse Management or ERP System to help deliver improved asset visibility, optimise utilisation and enhance overall operational and financial performance. VeroTrack can also help you automate data gathering, so that you can reduce the resources needed to manage your warehouse or manufacturing operation.

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