Track your people

Tracking the locations of your workers or other pedestrians in a warehouse or manufacturing environment can provide valuable information to help increase efficiency, improve safety and reduce costs.

There are a number of reasons to track workers including activity monitoring, performance analysis, driving improvement, movement tracking, paths and routes taken as well as safety improvement in hazardous working environments.


  • Monitoring personnel improves the productivity
  • Analysis of collected data supports strategic decisions for continuous operational improvements
  • Tracking the movements of MHE and pedestrians allows warehouse safety to be enhanced using intelligent location aware technology

Safety in Warehouse

How Vero tracks people

Using latest RFID or Wi-Fi technologies, VeroTrack monitors and records the movement of warehouse, manufacturing or logistics staff in real-time. Location information can be viewed on a virtual map of your warehouse or logistics site, or analysed using a graphical interface. Recording activity can deliver an insight into how your operation actually works and moves and provide intelligent analytics to enhance productivity, safety and profitability.

Vero works as a stand-alone system or fully integrated with your existing WMS, ERP or other 3rd party systems. Tracking MHE as well as people means that location information can be used for intelligent safety alerts to prevent collisions. More about Vero safety solutions.