Simple and effective tracking

TotalTraxLogoVero optical technology offers a simple and effective method of tracking inventory and materials handling equipment.

Vero creates a location aware system that uses patented optical technology from TotalTrax, Inc. to track the movement of inventory and trucks within the warehouse.


  • Rugged components
  • Works in any building
  • Works with any FLT
  • Works with rack & bulk
  • No additional lighting

How it works

The system is based on a grid of markers mounted at ceiling height that enable each equipped truck to calculate and report its position in much the same way that GPS works. Each truck is also fitted with sophisticated yet robust hardware to automatically identify what is being moved, eliminating the need for manual data collection.

The system calculates truck position by identifying a position marker, providing the X and Y coordinate. A separate fork height sensor provides the Z coordinate, and the load is identified by label, tag or location. The result is a continuous, real time, inch accurate location of the truck and the pallet that it is moving.

How it works