We are delighted to announce that Sales Manager Charlie Brackley has been quoted in a feature article in leading industry magazine Works Management.

In the article, which focuses on encouraging a positive safety culture to reduce the number of incidents involving forklift trucks, Charlie discusses the importance of carefully selecting collision avoidance technology.

He makes the important point that although such systems are effective to an extent, false alarms are common. As a result, people can become oblivious to alarms, mistakenly assuming they are false and there is no danger present.

Commenting on his inclusion in the article, Charlie said: “I’m very pleased to have had the opportunity to contribute some of my thoughts on collision avoidance systems, especially the limitations of traditional proximity sensors.

“An effective alternative to such technology is location sensor systems. Using intelligent Wi-Fi, location sensor systems detect and accurately capture the position of people and forklifts in the warehouse, creating a virtual map of the workplace and providing alerts in real-time to prevent accidents or near misses.”

Read Charlie’s comments in the full article on the Works Management website.