Optimising your distribution and logistics business

The integrated suite of Vero products is designed to help logistics and distribution companies track inventory and key assets, monitor the safety of warehouse staff, and report and analyse critical data.

Vero uses a range of advanced location technologies, to track people, MHE, pallets and other inventory in real time, with a choice of accuracies, and with sophisticated tools that enable you to improve productivity, performance and profitability. Vero Solutions can also help you automate data gathering, so that you can reduce the resources needed to manage your warehouse. To learn more, read our ‘Warehouse Management Systems: How to enhance your data’ article.


  • Increased efficiency
  • Time saving
  • Higher stock accuracy and fewer shipping errors
  • Reduced costs
  • Detailed management data
  • Improved staff safety and accountability

Are you meeting your throughput goals?

Managing a busy warehouse or distribution centre can be a tough challenge. Efficient work processes are key to ensure operational success, but reliable data is required to understand how your warehouse works and identify where improvements are needed.

Inventory accuracy is also vital to ensure the correct goods are sent to the right destination at the required time, but scanning pallets and locations is a manual and time consuming process. Scanning errors can lead to lost pallets, mis-picks or late departures, all of which take time and resources to rectify.

In addition, working around forklift trucks and other materials handling equipment (MHE) can be dangerous and warehouse managers have to ensure that staff and equipment remains safe at all times.

If you operate a busy warehouse then you know how much planning and consideration is needed to make your workplace as safe as possible for your employees and colleagues. Yet despite efforts, accidents still occur and with forklifts involved the chances of those accidents being fatal are high. Read our latest article on warehouse safety to find out what causes forklift accidents and how to prevent them from happening in your warehouse.

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