Optimising your manufacturing business

Vero offers a range of solutions designed to help manufacturing businesses stay competitive by improving their key processes from production to quality control through to distribution. Whether it’s tracking production processes, managing your inventory or safeguarding your staff in your warehouse, our solutions are flexible and designed to accommodate your specific requirements.


  • Increased efficiency
  • Improved supply chain management
  • Reduced need for excess stock with better inventory management
  • Improved staff safety
  • Fewer shipping errors
  • Enhanced product quality through production tracking

Are you meeting your production goals?

In a climate of growing competition and shrinking margins, manufacturing businesses increasingly rely on lean manufacturing techniques. This means companies must optimise inventory management to reduce excess stock and increase inventory accuracy.

In addition, manufacturers have to track key assets such as tools, test equipment or even staff as the inability to locate any of these critical parts can lead to costly disruptions of the production processes. At the same time, companies have to ensure the safety of their staff in particular in hazardous working environments or near materials handling equipment (MHE) like forklift trucks.

New technologies are required to support these processes and to help manufacturing businesses keep up with latest market developments.

Cardboard boxes on conveyor belt in factory

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