Optimising your business

Vero offers a range of tracking solutions to help businesses from a wide range of industries increase automation and operational efficiency, prevent losses, reduce operational risk and improve safety.

Any business or non-profit organisation in need to keep track of assets, people or inventory can benefit from Vero’s radio frequency identification (RFID) location technologies. Industries include servicing and repair businesses, events companies, oil & gas, transportation and leisure.


  • Increased operational efficiency
  • Higher inventory accuracy
  • Easily locate assets and people
  • Detailed management data on workflows
  • Improved staff safety and accountability

Is your business as efficient as it could be?

Many business still rely on manual inventory checks or bar code scanning to keep track of stock or assets, such as computers, test equipment or safety gear. This can be time consuming and error prone. Automatic asset tracking or inventory management can speed up this process and eliminate errors. Where regular quality or maintenance processes need to be adhered to for compliance or safety reason, RFID can provide a time saving solution to quickly locate and identify assets which need to be serviced or checked.

For businesses where valuable or sensitive assets need to remain on the premises, RFID tracking can provide discreet security alerts when an attempt is made to remove these assets from site. Where people or assets need to be located often and quickly, RFID tracking can provide a cost effective solution to pinpoint staff or critical equipment easily.

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