Optimising your retail business

Vero offers a range of RFID solutions to help retail companies improve their operations to become more efficient, boost income and reduce losses through theft and unsold goods. This includes inventory management, management of returnable transport items (RTIs) such as crates and roll cages, as well as gathering customer intelligence by tracking shoppers’ routes or their preferred items.


  • Time saving by improved inventory management
  • Detailed management data for merchandising
  • Reduced theft and wastage
  • Higher stock accuracy and fewer shipping errors
  • Increased upsell opportunities

Is your retail business as efficient as it can be?

Keeping track of RTIs can be challenging for many retailers, especially when logging their location depends on manual processes like scanning. Vero can automate the tracking of RTIs to provide better visibility right through the supply chain to improve utilisation and reduce losses through theft and mislaid items.

Fitting stock items with an RFID tags can provide retailers with an accurate picture of stock levels, to help pick and ship orders quickly to meet same-day dispatch timelines. Using the latest xArray technology, Vero can show the actual stock location within a store to improve the sales process by enabling customers and shop assistants to quickly find the desired item in the correct size. This avoids mislaying items and can reduce waste in particular where seasonal items are concerned. It can also prevent theft by alerting staff when tagged items are approaching an exit door. In addition, Vero can improve the supply chain by introducing automated ordering and electronic delivery indication.

Vero can provide store managers with merchandising intelligence by tracking customer routes through the store. “Smart dressing rooms” featuring interactive displays can create upsell opportunities by suggesting additional items to those which the customer is currently trying on or enabling the customer to find out if an item is available in a different size or colour.

High end luxury goods e.g. handbags are often copied and it can be difficult to identify if an item is genuine. Tagging products can help retailers to easily and discretely identify counterfeit goods.


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